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The best thing I can say about the 2013 version of Carrie is that the special effects are workmanlike, with one fairly awesome moment in Act III involving a windshield. I also thought Julianne Moore had some inspired moments of high creep. I wish she had more to do.

The rest is pretty grim. Chloe Moretz is left alone up there – the overacting she’s asked to do is truly cringe-inducing. Moretz plays the early scenes so saucer-eyed and jumpy that it’s hard to relate to her at all. For the climax to work, we need to love Carrie. We need to root for her and hate her tormentors enough that when things get ugly, it takes us a moment to feel disgusted. The audience’s sickening lurch between catharsis and shame is the crux of the film and this movie doesn’t earn it.

There are a few small updates to the story, things like adding YouTube and smartphones. These additions are not enough. You can always stream the original, though.

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