This is the End

Posted in movies by - June 12, 2013
This is the End

‘This is the End’ is a movie about obnoxious comic actors confronting the apocalypse, and their own darkest selves. It is populated by obnoxious comic actors playing those dark selves. Except Michael Cera, one hopes. I think he’s playing Andy Dick.

It’s also a lowbrow stoner comedy that hits a lot more than it misses. The overall feeling is the one you get from the movies the Rat Pack made – what they lack in focus they cover with energy and esprit de corps.

The setup is that Jay Baruchel has come to LA to hang out with his bestie Rogen. Rogen pressures Jay into going to a gigantic party at James Franco’s new house. Jay is meant to represent Seth’s more genuine Canadian roots and Franco and company are Seth’s newer, phonier Hollywood pals. Jay is distressed at the effect the new gang is having on Seth, and Seth desperately wants to connect his two worlds.

And then, the Rapture, which does not beam up a single person at Franco’s party.

The rest of the movie involves the fight for survival and redemption and the power of friendship. Also, demon wieners and cannibalism, followed by a surprisingly sweet ending.

It’s never easy to ride the line between clever and stupid, but this movie manages. Try not to think of it as a low-budget ‘Armageddon’ and think of it as a high-budget version of a ‘Pineapple Express’-type movie.

Bonus secret tip: This movie may contain the sequel to the actual ‘Pineapple Express’.

Best line in the movie: ‘I’m straight lovable, son!’ – Craig Robinson as Craig Robinson.

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  • KJ

    I’m glad to see you gave this a positive review. I thought this was a great movie. I got to the point that I had to force myself to stop laughing so I wouldn’t miss the next joke. Sure it did get a little odd with the demon weiner stuff but other than that, it was a solid movie with a lot of laughs. Also, I agree with your best line pick.

    • MisterDee

      I laughed out loud a lot, too. I’m a big fan of Danny McBride and his part was sort of amazing.

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