Escape from Tomorrow

Posted in movies by - November 01, 2013
Escape from Tomorrow

This was fun.

Apparently shot on Disney property, without the knowledge of the Disney machine, this is a charmingly weird little piece of guerilla filmmaking.

You know that feeling you have when you’re wandering around the ‘Happiest Places on Earth’ and you smell that tiny whiff of dread? This movie is about that. Disney was known to have a creepy mustache, after all. Very creepy indeed.

Now imagine you’re there with a wife who is fed up with you, and kids who (rightly) think the world is entirely about them. Imagine there’s a bit of midlife crisis thrown in, and somehow you can’t stop seeing through the Disney facade. And then you get hairballs.

Saying much more is probably spoilery. Lo-fi, clever and even occasionally insightful, it’s worth your attention. It’s also shot in black and white, so your friends will think you’re smart. Or old.

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